A Spirit of Apathy: Who Cares?

spirit of apathyA spirit of apathy is a self-defense mechanism from the pit of hell. It closes your mind, hardens your heart, and partners with impatience in order to breed failure. It causes you to say things like, “I just give up!”, “I don’t care anymore!”, and “Whatever!” If these statements are coming out of your mouth, then something evil is tormenting your heart. 

I had a twenty- something client tell me a few years back that he was part of the “microwaveable/drive thru” generation. He said, “We want it all; we want it now and if it takes longer than five minutes, chances are you have already lost our attention!”

It’s so easy to see this in our culture today. My daughters laughed hysterically when they learned I wrote letters to my mom while I was at the University of South Florida in Tampa. She lived only forty-five minutes away in Clearwater, but this activity seemed so foreign to them in this age of texting and cell phones. However, in those past days we only had costly dorm phones at our disposal so they were used sparingly. The fact that I waited a week to get my mom’s reply baffled them.

Technology aids impatience with instant gratification and can result in a shortened attention span. If it looks like too much work, and it requires perseverance, the tendency today is to just walk away. Promises and hope for your future fade in the midst of what looks hopeless. Sadly, I believe technology, and the associated expectations, have contributed to the malaise although it cannot be blamed of course as the reason.

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W.C. Fields once quipped, “If at first you don’t succeed, then quit. There’s no use in being a fool about it.” The price of failure is high, however. It comes with disapproval, anger and imposed guilt, ridicule and rejection. Hence, there is a trend toward avoiding any unnecessary risks. A life with no risk appears to offer safety and security but actually delivers guilt, boredom, more apathy, and even lower feelings of self-esteem.

One of the testimonies that we recently published from a client speaks to this numbing spirit of apathy. She had been raised in the church, had experienced leadership, and received many promising words over her future. By her own admission, however, she had opted for safety and stayed in the nest of apathy refusing to soar to those risky heights.

Are you in a numbing comfort zone of apathy? Do your dreams and aspirations look too far away and hopeless? Spirits of apathy, along with depression, despair and double-mindedness, can hold us back. There’s a wonderful testimony here on how deliverance can help you soar again. Will you press forward to that link? Or are you already giving up?

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