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Your Life Situation: Counter the Demonic Lies

Do you feel stuck in your walk with God? You want to believe what the Bible says but feel consistently [...]

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spiritual battle fatigue

5 Step Plan to Recover From Spiritual Battle Fatigue

“You don’t understand!  My home is the battlefield!” “How can I rest, when my spouse is my war?” “My mind [...]

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5 Demonic Spirits that Torment Illegitimate Children

“I never knew my father; he abandoned my mother when she got pregnant.” “My mom was illegitimate, it runs in [...]


Your Tormenting Thought Life: You or Satan?

Do you ever wonder where a specific thought is coming from? Is that “your” thought or is Satan planting his [...]

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Fri 11Your Life Situation: Counter the Demonic Lies [YouTube]

Your Life Situation Counter the Demonic Lies. Subscribe to our channel here: *More Ways to Enjoy This Post* Read [...]

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Tue 11Episode #13: Discerning Demonic Spirits – Why and How? [Podcast]

In this podcast, Dr. Don and Dr. Phyl explain the importance of moving in the spiritual gift of discerning of [...]

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