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strongholds sabotaging

Top 3 Strongholds Sabotaging Your Gift of Leadership

For every gift God gives, Satan tries to erect a demonic stronghold right next to it to block it! One [...]

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The Spirit Realm: 12 Things You Need to Know

When it comes to teachings on demons and spiritual warfare, there is often more smoke than fire. I don’t want [...]

spiritual warfare

What is Spiritual Warfare?

The term “spiritual warfare” is never used in some churches, preached a little in others and emphasized heavily in a [...]

addiction to distraction

Is There a Spirit of “Addiction to Distraction” Stealing Your Time?

Time can slip through your hands faster than water! You micro-manage it. You fret over it. You rearrange it. Then [...]

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Fri 08[YouTube] The Spirit Realm: 12 Things You Need to Know

12 Things About the Spirit Realm You Need to Know. Based on an article: Subscribe to our channel here: [...]

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spiritual sickness

Tue 08Episode #31: Spiritual Roots of Sickness and Disease – Part II [Podcast]

We often think of sickness and disease as things having to do with our physical body. That is true, but [...]

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